Over-Ear(Circumaural) Headphones

Over-Ear Headphones Or Circumaural Headphones



Audiophile headphones are the biggest in its kind which can deliver pristine detail audio along the maximum emotional intensity  . This Headphones Technology is a Miracle  of Highest quality of   Precise Audio Engineering that provides most refine sound that is possible to deliver. Audiophile Headphones can  accommodate  the best musical resolution and reference class




There are broadly 3 ways by which wireless headphones receive their signal:

IR (infrared) — these use a line-of-sight signal and avoid radio interference. They have the disadvantages of short range and reduced mobility (you have to remain within sight of the base station), but they usually do produce a clean sound.

900 MHz — these are analogue radio headphones. The main disadvantage is susceptibility to hiss and other noise, especially when you move your head or move to another room.

2.4 GHz — these are digital radio headphones, like the RS 170, and are more likely to be free from hiss and noise.